100% adorability

Many reasons lie behind our decision to create Adorabile B&B but one tops them all: our love for Milan.

We like everything about this city: its peculiar take on contemporary life, its ability of infusing style in everything, the way it propose solutions that are always creative, pragmatic and compassionate.

We wanted to share our enthusiasm for these values with people who are visiting the city for pleasure or business –two things that in Milan go always hand in hand  – all the while creating a project that is similarly creative, pragmatic and people-centered.

At Adorabile B&B not only we’re offering our guest an elegant and comfortable room that will make them feel at home; we’re also giving them a place to meet, create, coming up with ideas that are new and original like the city that sparks them.

That’s not all. A few distinguished companies that share our mindset, have joined forces and become our partners. Thanks to them, we’ve been able to develop “100% Adorability”, a program meant to give our guests the chance of experiencing products that are innovative and unique.

And that’s our idea of something that is really adorable.

Wake Up and Smell Milano.