Our rooms.

Each Adorabile B&B room has an unique personality: it has been lived in, understood, loved. And it’s been enriched to make every guest feel at home. Make your adorable choice: pick up the room with the personality, the features and amenities that suit you.

The Zafràn Room

Safran (Zafràn in Milanese dialect) is an oriental spice that takes you back to distant times. But it’s also the indispensable ingredient to Milan’s famous risotto (in the past, gold was used to give risotto its yellow tinge, but Zafràn was more… practical. Adorabile B&B’s  Zafràn Room occupies the place of the original apartment’s kitchen. Hence its name. Sleeping in Zafràn Room will be a small trip back in time.

The Usèi Room

Usèi plays up the Milanese’s fetish for nature and gardens, the latter usually re-created in miniature in private courtyards. Usèi is the most intimate room of Adorabile. It features original 1930 wood floor, Fornasetti wallpaper which depicts a group of birds chirping on the other side of an iron grille, a bathroom with window that opens up over a picturesque old-Milan courtyard.


Wake Up and Smell Milano.